Before you read this post, read Part 1.

So one day, Lucy went ahead and told Drew she liked him. Via text. Almost. “Hi you! What if I woke one day I told you I liked you? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” Breath was held. The stare was fixed on the WhatsApp screen.

Drew typing…


Drew typing…

What would make you do that in the first place?

Photo by @SteveKitots

It was done. She was finished and she had brought this upon herself. All those texts. All that flirting. All the walks. She had misinterpreted them all. He didn’t like her. Or did he?

Well, I would do that because you flirt with me like all the time.

Well, that escalated quickly. Hold your breath. You did not die the first time so you won’t die this time either, Luce, she told herself.

My God Lucy! I have a girlfriend! Why are you doing this? Please stop.

It was really over. That feeling she hated was creeping up her throat. She hated herself all of a sudden. How did she let this happen? How did she turn the beautiful friendship into this? The sweet walks and the gentle hugs flashed across her memory. Suddenly, he was not so perfect anymore, Drew.

To cut the little story short, words were exchanged the ensuing ten minutes. None of them were flowery. Most hurt her. Then there was silence. Silence in the WhatsApp space. Silence in Lucy’s bedroom. Silence everywhere except in her head. The residents up there were mad at her. She should have listened to them. She had to let go. That was the only viable option given the situation she had foolishly landed herself in. She let go. She was not going to initiate conversations or apologize. She did not do anything wrong. She was going to wait, because that’s what she did. Remember nature and the course its takes? She was going to be that chick again.

And guess what? He came back months down the line. He apologized. They were going to be friends again. But it was not going to be the same anymore. Both knew it. Because the truth is, when you love something and let it go, it may come back alright but it will come back different. It will have seen things, done other things and basically become another thing.

So there you have it. You should probably try work things out when and where they happen instead of letting pride take over. Instead of seeking solace in the cliché. Lucy could have probably apologized and bugged Drew to forgive her. They would have talked it out there and then. Who knows? Maybe Drew would have even seen her point of view and liked her back. (Okay, too unrealistic but these things happen. I think.)

If you love something, let it go at your own risk.

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14 thoughts on “If you love something, let it go, Right? Part 2 by @shikungigi

  1. This, this
    It has happened, i can relate to it. It hurts but sometimes we pick ourselves and move on.

    The many times this has happened to me is uncountable but I believe in something, its better telling someone you like them or love them, the worse thing that can happen is for them to neglect you but they will live in this world knowing that you did love them. When you like someone or love someone you can’t possibly stop.

    Beautiful post right there 🙂

  2. What if Luce said ‘because a really close friend of mine just did that and i was trying to get an answer to give them from you’ at first?

  3. I have been there!!!!!I like this guy,we talked o’er the phone for hours,I had just come from a break up,I was vulnerable.He was easy,sweet (so I thought) but we were three of us!!(ladies) his childhood girlfriend,his son’s mother and myself……When I discovered He was a confused person,I left.I was hurt,devastated,he came back so sorry but this time I had grown balls!!!We are friends (he calls when his son’s mother is being crazy)apparently his girlfriend doesn’t know he has a baby!!!Bottom line….What leaves you,leaves you for good ie;for a good reason and permanently!!!

  4. this is amazing Shiku…i usually am the type who lets nature take its course…i frankly cnt bear that ackward moment when u tell someone you like them and they dnt like u bak..

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