Over the past few weeks I haven’t done much writing. Other than the normal pressures of life and the amazing guest posts that have been coming in keeping the blog active, I have been challenged to re-define love. This is the story of a journey.

Love Dare
Love Dare

Many have watched the movie “Fireproof”. For those who haven’t I recommend you do, not for the entertainment but for the lessons. From this movie, a study book, THE LOVE DARE was developed to help the reader understand Love and what it means. The book is quite interesting and I encourage anyone who dares, to get the book and go through this 40-day journey. Rather than take 40 days, I will stretch each day into a week to give time for each dare to simmer.

Love is a decision, in good and bad, at all times we are challenged to decide to love our spouse. On the other hand, marriage was designed to be a beautiful thing. It is a verb, a doing word, you work at it every day. We are all aware of the common saying “follow your heart”, Love Dare is NOT about following your heart, but instead LEAD the heart to where you want to go, what you want it to do.

Much like you decide to love, and also the same way you work at being better in your marriage/dating relationship daily, here, forget the following your heart aspect, and lead it. To quote a little bit of Bible, “the heart is more deceitful than all else” Jeremiah 17:9

In preparation for this journey, today there is no dare, there is no special new concept of love.  Just a realisation that we must lead our heart. The microwave world today s about insta-solutions, well unfortunately any expectation to get tips and tricks on how to change your spouse using LOVE DARE is misplaced. Here, we discover what love is and take up a dare in an effort to make ourselves better.

One more thing, LOVE DARE is not for sampling, it isn’t to be dropped along the way as incomplete. It is considered a dare from those that have gone before. Each week there is a new lesson, and a new dare that comes with each lesson.

“And now these three remain;

Faith, hope and love,

But the greatest of these is love”

–          1 Corinthians 13:13

NEXT: A key pillar to discovering what love is


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