It feels good when you just look forward to the end of the day just for you to go home and be with the person you love, hug them tightly and just tell them of how much you love them and have longed to be with them. Awesome feeling ever nothing in the world beats that. This can only be achieved if both partners are committed, dedicated and self sacrificing. Yes you just need to know that your relationship is not about one person, it should be both of you. If he takes you for lunch this weekend if you can afford it just be the one to take him next time it should be in you. Sio kila saa ni wewe unapelekwa tu, pelekana pia, lipa bill pia. Some male friend asked me what do ladies what in relationships ati haelewi wanawake. It’s very easy to understand your woman yes very possible dear men.




Firstly provide for your woman, yes the bible says that  you do that sio mimi. Give a woman what she wants ok by this I don’t mean ati buy her a crate of black ice hahaha you know we women can be nagging at times, what  I mean is if there is something she wants justifiable please try your best  just be there for her and provide if affordable.

A woman also wants a man who can protect her, you don’t have to be a bobolicious or a boxer to do that but at least make her feel safe when you are with her that is what every woman wants, I personally don’t want a man mwenye akiona inzi ashapiga nduru na kupanda juu ya viti nkt. In short just make sure that your woman is just relaxed and calm when you are together.

Another thing we women want is a man who can profess. Yes and you men sijui shida yenu ni gani by the way. We meet your friends and you are like “this is Rodah, Rodah meet my friends” aiii seriously *facepalm*. We want a man who is able to tell their friends that I am your wife or girl friend. Introduce me to your friend and family, that is if you are proud of me as your woman, profess it baiiiiiby. I like it when you do that. Every woman will agree with me that we tend to trust men who can profess who we are to them

Lastly satisfy your woman sexually, I know this should be the first one but trust me it should be the last.

LADIES a side note: Never spread your legs for a man who can’t provide for you, protect you and profess, aii mtu asikuletee dryspell zake DONGE? Have you heard the saying, ”if her legs open quicker than the Google home page, he will just use and leave her”?

I hope men will learn 1 or 2 things from this ka blog.  If you combine this and the other things you do then you relationship will be nyweeeeeeeeeeee, but wait do we have perfect relationships?


Rodah Ndinda aka Miss Smiles, is not your average happy go lucky Kenyan gal. With a unique budding writing style and such bare honesty to her post she brings out a new flare. SamKitots is proud to host her story. Follow her on twitter @rodah_


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