When was the last time, you were in a group of guys… randomly looked around and thought… you know what… men are sexy!! I see women all over frowning, wondering what kind of men I hang out with. The usual kind. The everyday fellow… with some of his habits that get us ‘refined’ women to cringe ‘you’re going to eat that?? It was just on the dirty table’, to his wonderful habits that get us to smile and sometimes… go gooey inside. Simple things, like opening a bottle you couldn’t have opened yourself.

” Men are wonderful creatures”

So my post today is about things I find sexy in men. And there are many. Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t bash men (when they do) because they think men are rubbish. Most women have those bouts of disappointment because they know just how much potential men have. I know that sounds perhaps a little condescending, but that’s not the spirit with which it’s meant. My point is… women… generally love men. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spend soooo much time talking, thinking, dreaming about or crying over them. So… in that spirit… and borrowing from the movie ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’, here are

Ten Things  I Find Sexy About Men.

  1. His Laugh… when he laughs, he laughs with gusto. Nothing to be shy about. Let it out. Throw his head back, bang the table. (I have a cousin who even jumps up and down). Men… laugh with all their hearts. I think that’s sexy.
  2. His expressive eyes… When he looks at you, really looks at you and all the other expressions in between. How you know just through his eyes that he is… amused, angry, aroused, laughing at you, laughing with you, impressed, fond, protective…thinking about you. I think that’s sexy.
  3. His maleness… Those little things like when he opens a bottle for you, or reaches something that’s too high. Or drives your car when you’re too tired. Or shelters you from the rain. Or takes over the grill during a barbecue. Maleness. I think that’s sexy.
  4. His strength… I’m not just talking brute force here… though male strength IS very sexy. I’m talking about that quiet fortitude of a man who decides and knows he must first and foremost take care of his family, of a man who shows up when his friends need him, even if it means going completely out of his way. Of a man who sees duty not as a shackle (we know duty can get tough though) but as a badge of honour. A man who  is a man. I think that’s sexy.
  5. His ability to not take himself too seriously… Men are simple. Yes, I said it. I have friends, who will leave work, stop by a pub to wait out the jam… have a few beers with workmates or alone… go home relaxed to their wives/girlfriends/or just their houses. And they’re happy. Taking life simply. The ability to switch off the brain and just enjoy the simple moments. I part envy that… part find it sexy.
  6. His inner child. Have you ever heard men talking about the latest car? Or cool gadget? Have you seen how their faces just light up? How animated they get? A lot of women would be thinking… ‘sure, it’s pretty, but it’s a car!’ But for him… seeing and talking about something that makes him happy, gets that fire lit under him. Like a child on Christmas morning. I find that very sweet… and on him… rather sexy.
  7. His passion. This could be because his team is losing… or winning… This could be because you’ve surprised him with a strip tease when he gets home. This could be because he is carrying his child in his arms for the first time. This could be because you’re both lost in ecstasy. Whatever it is… passion in a man… muy muy sexy.
  8. His love. When a man loves a woman…
  9. His leadership. When a man takes charge.
  10. Him. Just him. Faults, lose bolts and all. Men are wonderful creatures.

Sometimes when we’re locked in the depth of our relationships, we spend so much time trying to figure out what’s wrong with the relationship, what’s right with the relationship, where the relationship is going, where it is coming from… Or just busy with life. We get immersed in sooo many things. We’re women. It’s our nature to ensure that our loved ones are alright. But… every once in a while… Or even OFTEN… Let’s go with often… It’s nice to just chill and watch him. Remember the things that you love about him. Deep and silly all the same. And then… Tell him “Ten Things I Find Sexy About You….”

Feel free to share your own list here, it doesn’t have to be ten. What things do you find sexy about men? About your man?


An old friend, Mona Ombogo is a talented writer, actress, director. With a wide range of achievements under her belt, Mona keeps her life simple, travelling through, living large. That’s easy enough isn’t it? Follow her blog here. She is also somewhat active on Google +,  Facebook and Twitter.


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