I am writing to inform you of the present state of my heart. Some parts of this letter might seem like lamentations, desperate sentiments, or even bear the tunes of songs of the despairing hearts. They are the truest reflections of my heart nonetheless.

The rules of the game say that our paths must cross in the most natural of ways, devoid of any interference or helping hand. Perhaps they already have, but, we both don’t know that yet. I often wonder if you have considered cheating, getting some kind of help, or exerting your own efforts. I have; one too many times. I wonder what the consequences might be, given that we will have found each other anyway.

I want you to know that I have worked to the best of my abilities to ensure that I keep myself for you. I haven’t done an excellent job, but as you will discover when we finally meet up, I have tried to keep the finest rooms in my heart and life as squeaky clean as possible. God told me that like His son, you will ‘come as a thief’ and that I must be ready at all times.

I have been tricked a couple of times by those that have almost sworn they were you. In deed I would momentarily believe them and almost signed up their contracts. But soon enough, they gave themselves up in one way or the other. Some of them would just flee all by themselves. It was as if someone chased them away. Perhaps you secretly did. I must confess however that the long periods of waiting have taken a toll on me. Sometimes, I entertain others who I know are NOT you, just to appease my boredom.

“as you will discover … I have tried to keep the finest rooms in my heart and life as squeaky clean as possible”

I still have my ticket to heaven. It’s not marked but I should hope that we have adjacent seat numbers for I will always want to be with you. I am guessing it might not be a first-class ticket, considering the temptations and trials that I have had to deal with in recent days. We shall go to heaven nonetheless. Please take good care of your ticket, and stay out of trouble. There are a lot of black angels that have been sent out to take away those tickets from those that have them.

Now, I was kidding about cheating. Let’s stick to the perfect timing. But in case you are getting as restless as I am and feel you must do something to quicken the process, you can visit these places and hopefully our chances of meeting up will increase. I love to hang out in libraries and quiet inspirational places like parks. I go to the noisy places as well, but rarely. I also love the soccer stadiums. I know I have a less than average chance of running into you there, but what an awesome thing that would be! I am generally an indoor person, introverted, and I work alone for the most part. I know this is not exactly helping our chances, but what to do my love?

Lastly, I want you to know that I am already in love with you. Do not worry about the ‘working it out’ clichés, everything will fall into place as soon as we are together. We shall meet soon because I can already begin to smell the light tug of your fragrance. I think you are nearer than you’ve ever been. Everything in my life confirms that; even my age!

Yours in waiting,

John Nasaye


23 thoughts on “An open letter to my wife in waiting by @nasaye

  1. that lady you fell in love with and who will come as thief will really make you happy =>Nasaye proverbs 31 lady (you are a psalms 1 man and a proverbs 31 lady will be a good wife to you) loved it 🙂

  2. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. May the Lord give you the desires of your heart.
    Nice one, John.

  3. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. May the Lord give you the desires of your heart.
    Nice one, John

  4. Now, I was kidding about cheating. Let’s stick to the perfect timing. But in case you are getting as restless as I am and feel you must do something to quicken the process, you can visit these places and hopefully our chances of meeting up will increase”……..wise move!!lol…awesome n real article

  5. My love,

    As far back as I can remember, I have always dreamt about the day that I will walk down the aisle on my way to meet you and finally say ‘I do’. Although I have never really seen a clear image of you, for some strange reason, in my dreams, I have always seen you in a tuxedo, looking sharp and gazing at me, almost unbelievably, as I walk towards you in my sparkling white gown, hand in hand with my parents. With all the make-up: eye-liner, mascara and foundation, I can’t help but shed tears of joy (thank God for waterproof make up). With my tears freely flowing, I can only imagine God’s goodness towards us; His faithfulness and His abundant grace; surely this is His doing. We would never have made it here without Him. This is what I dream about every so often.

    I have been praying for you for many years, even more in the past few months. And while I did, I felt God’s assurance. I heard Him say that He makes no mistakes. And so I believe with all my heart that when I say ‘I do’ to you, I will say it to the right person; you will surely be the one that God kept for me and the one for whom God kept me. It is not by chance that I will marry you. You will be my answered prayer. Just like you, I haven’t exactly done a good job keeping myself for you. I’ve fallen along the way; I’ve made mistakes. But, all in all, I’m grateful for all that I’ve been through because I know that God was moulding me to be a better person, and certainly a better wife for you. I have no regrets, thus. Well, I must say that I love you too…already. Just a little while longer, and we shall spend forever together. As I wait, I will pray; pray for you, pray for us and for our future together.

    With love,
    Your wife in waiting

    1. Dear future wife,

      How nice of you to have written back to me, at a time when my heart was nearly waxing faint. This letter from you is like a refreshing stream of invigorating inflow, a confirmation that we are getting nearer and nearer to each other with every passing hour. I am getting up from my despairing bed, casting off the sack clothes, dusting the ashes off of me, and saying to my heart; “fie on thee o my heart …. do you not perceive that your lover is nearby?”.
      My dear wife in waiting, the secret chambers are still locked tight, even as the keys are already handed to you and the rooms in my heart cleaned every so often for the grand day. This day may be clearly marked in the heavenly registers, but is yet to be revealed to me. Don’t despair my love, we are like a split atom that MUST come together eventually and no worldly force shall prevent it. Every trying moment of patience is but a double-sure reserve of later happiness and joy that we shall experience together. You must say no to the insidious or cunning tricks of the men to give yourself away, for the enemy has released into your paths several carbon-copies of me, some of them near-exact copies. You may already have met one or two or them.
      Don’t care so much for the mistakes, as long as your heart still beats and you can smell the fresh air every morning, then know that the Lord renews and forgives. Every mistake that we make will be a vivid pointer to the right direction; and that is towards each other like the compass that always points North whichever direction you are facing. Darling, you must be up and onward every single day for no one person is beyond the reach of the terrible tentacles of worldly temptations and much more the enfeebling situations of every day life. When we are finally one, we shall face life with renewed zest and tenacity because we shall be an unassailable fortress with the backing of the angels.
      My love, I am also praying for you and for us and I’m confident that the Lord will not ignore any such petitions from His children, He has promised not to give stones when asked for bread or a snake when asked for fish. We must not cease from prayer as well my love because all our days are firmly held in His hands, both now and when we shall finally be together. Behold, the divine matchmaker; He rescues, restores, and brings together two hearts into one with perfect accuracy! Woe unto us if we should look elsewhere for direction.
      I say it again that I love you already and wish that you would write back every so often, and as it is possible with you.

      With love,
      Your husband in waiting.

      1. My love,

        How exciting it was to read from you again. I read your letter, not once, not twice, but many times over. Each time I read it, I could almost hear you say those words to me as you looked deep into my eyes. I could feel those words come from deep within your heart to my heart. And this, I can tell, is only a glimpse of your sophisticated charm. I am elated to know that you have renewed hope. Without a doubt, my hopes, too, are higher than ever. And you know what my love? The good book says that hope never disappoints. In my prayers, I constantly ask God to give me “one of His sons” as He alone knows the hearts of His own. I have no doubt that you are one of them. I can already tell that you will make a good priest of our home. I read this with tears in my eyes: “Don’t care so much for the mistakes, as long as your heart still beats and you can smell the fresh air every morning, then know that the Lord renews and forgives.” Oh how true that is. His mercies are new every morning and His grace is simply amazing.

        As you rightly remind me, our Master implores us to pray without ceasing. I will continue steadfastly in prayer and I’m glad that you do the same. As we delight in the Most High, He will surely fulfil the desires of our hearts; He shall bring it to pass. Hold on to Him my darling; never let go of Him. I promise to do the same. I will be up and onward every single day for sure, with renewed zeal and strength, and with the knowledge that you are close by. And yes, my love, I have come across those who claimed to be you. A few times, when I thought I found the one, I asked the Lord: “Is he the one?” Not once did He answer in the affirmative. And then it occurred to me recently that one day soon, I will ask that question and His answer will be a resounding “Yes”. I have always believed that when I find you, I will know you. God’s affirmation will be my confirmation.

        Our love for each other is only a small reflection of the greater love of The One in whom we live, move and have our being. Honey, be assured of this: whatever plans He has for us are for good. He loves us too much to let us miss our destiny. Under His wings we shall take refuge and His truth shall be our shield and buckler. My love, I will wait patiently for you. My eyes are firmly fixed on the price. My alabaster box of fragrant oil is tightly sealed; I’m keeping it for you, my knight in shining amor. With each passing day, I wait with bated breath for the day that we shall finally be one. Just a little while longer my love…just a little while.

        Keep well Schatzi. As always, my love belongs to you only.

        Yours truly,
        Your wife in waiting.

  6. Dear future wife,
    First off, sincere apologies for the protracted delay in writing back to you my love. The cares and demands of duties upon me sometimes threaten to take over my life. Not to worry my love, this will never happen, not with this newly found zest occasioned by your closeness to me.
    As you rightly said, our love is but a small portion of the greater love of our Lord. It is a tiny fragment of that greater love, but alas! How precious is a fragment or piece of diamond from the larger lump. Let us continue the onward march towards the pearly gates of our love, when we shall officially begin our new lives together. We must sustain the slow but sure and ordained steps towards each other through fervent prayer. Keep the faith honey, and stay on the old rugged road of diligence, integrity, righteousness, and love. The great men and women who have gone ahead of us stand as a testimony that, following the Godly ways is the only sure pathway to our final home.

    As you may have already witnessed, the shores of love and romance are strewn with wrecks and even casualties, men and women who have thrust themselves into the sea of chance. They were never patient and did not listen to the subtle voice in their hearts, the soft coo of their REAL lovers calling out them, and much less the guidance of the All-Knowing and keeper of our lives and destinies. My love, I thank God for rescuing us and I am glad, if not for anything else, that our story shall NOT grace these dark sections of the history books. Our love story will surely make its way into the success sections, shining like the North star.

    My love, you already know that the words I write to you are motes compared to the vast pages of secret thoughts and feelings written in my heart, a great deal of which I am unable to express. I suppose these kinds are only to be beheld and understood by you, the only divinely-appointed translator of my heart. For now, they are safely tucked in a special section of my heart, one that no one else can unlock but you, not even myself. As I mentioned in my previous letter, a few have attempted this by banging and hacking at the gates, sometimes exacting damages. But the Master Healer has fixed all this and now my heart beats and thrives with new life for you alone.

    I should hope to read from you soon my lover, but till then, I pray that the Angels would always surround you, standing guard with fury whenever the enemy confronts, and to minister to you whenever your strength dwindles.

    With love,
    Your husband in waiting.

    1. My dear husband in waiting,

      No worries about the delay my love. Soon, I believe, I will be able to give a helping hand and ease the burden that has been placed on you. Together, we shall ensure that our lamp does not go out by night. Your letters to me always brighten me up and give me a reason to look to the future with anticipation.

      Lately, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. The night before was filled with beautiful dreams…my lover and I in paradise; with love invincible and joy inexpressible. It doesn’t bother me when I wake up and find that it was only a dream. I will keep dreaming; your image is clearer and your presence I can feel ever so close. Yes, I will keep dreaming until the day that my dreams will be a reality. I know for sure, that reality will be so much better than my dreams. Not a day passes by that I do not think about you. And when I do, I never fail to say a silent prayer that God will bring our dreams to pass. Indeed my darling, I will keep the faith and on the rugged road I will stay. Nowhere else do I find peace and satisfaction.

      Your love is drawing me close; your charm is irresistible. From a distance, I can hear footsteps. I don’t have to wait much longer. Like the little child who carried his gumboots to the mountains when he went to pray for rain, I have been deliberate in making space for you in my life in the past few months. The table is set for two. The candle lights gently illuminate the room. The ambience is just right and the mood is ecstatic. I hear a knock on the door. Without hesitation, I walk towards the door…my hand is on the knob. But before I open, I need to know: Could this be you, my one and only?

      My love, I’m sorry for the heart breaks that you had to endure. I wish I was there to ease your pain during those times. Nonetheless, I am delighted to know that the Master Healer has brought the broken pieces together. I’ve been down that road too. There were moments when I could almost feel my heart bleed; moments that I almost swore never to trust or love again. But I am grateful that all that is behind me now. I can smile again; I can trust and love again. With all the heartaches behind us, the lonely days and long nights, we now look forward to blissful days as we inch ever so closer to each other. Honey, I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on and the friend that you can depend on.

      Thank you for your prayers my love. It means a lot to me that you take the time to pray for me and for us. I will continue in prayer as well. May length of days, years of life and peace be your portion forever. May the Lord prosper you and may His favor be upon you now and always. This is my earnest prayer for you my love.

      Love always,
      Your wife in waiting.

  7. Someone passed by here … I am stealing this and sharing with my single and waiting brothers and sisters. Great writting.

  8. Nasaye and anonymous wife in waiting. I hope there is a testimony in this beautiful exchanges. It’s simply breathtaking. As I wait patiently for one of God’s son’s, the one He has kept for me I can smile at this profound article. Still following to hear the end of it!

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