After a lovely post by Raata Ngatha I am glad to host yet another one. Would you be so kind as to participate in the poll at the end of this post. Lets see if we can help Raata write her love story.


We live in a very patriarchal society, where we wait for Feb 29th & a blue moon to be allowed to do it.

My Mr. O is a mix between traditional role of man & ultra modern yes the 3D man. Hahaha I just saw him as Iron Man, anyhu I digress, Mr. O has been my pillar of strength & sanity. Being in business you need this, his brutal honesty has shaped me, toughened me and upset me to my very core. He has shaken the truths i swore by, told me off, i even stopped talking to him once he resorted to stalking me & saying “ehe talk to me” like am a toddler. He is a gracious man who has stomached a lot of my juvenile tantrums and full grown wrath, but he has stuck by me, when most ran off, screaming to the hills. Yes I stress him a bit but i think if it was easy he’d be stressed.

Why would I propose? I am selfish and a hoarder, hahaha bad reasons? Not at all. This is how I see it, if ancient man, the one who was discovered by the Leakey family clubbed a (wo)man over the head, said “MINE” thumped his chest, well whichever came first and voila they were married, sembuse mimi? (why not me).

I know all the self righteous ones will say oh we are civilised & cultured. Excuse me as i laugh, pwaaaaahhahahahahahahaha these are the same ones who will say, a woman’s place is in the Kitchen, (i love the kitchen btw ask the O.) Anyhu that said, other practical reasons, I prayed & waited for & God sent him my way, everyday I look at him, hear his voice, feel his touch I know I am barely scratching at the tip, what more does he hide? The good, the great, the ugly, oh I want it all. I know you may wonder how I know for sure he is the one? Honestly I am praying & the rest is God’s. I have thrown it to the wind, I know God will catch me whether good or great. And I will have no regrets I gave it my best.

So whatchu say guys? Should I club him on the head, thump my chest (as gently as possible 😉 ) declare mine?

Ok knowing him he’ll beat me to it. But yes since I have been found am content with this cave man of mine 🙂


Raata is a Lover of words, reading, writing, everything wordy I am it.  She wants to be a writer forever, for posterity sake, culture tickles her fancy, photography she dabbles in… Her 2cents a picture is worth a thousand words, but NO thousand words is worth just one picture. Follow her on twitter her blog here

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