By @Nasaye

The subject of infidelity is a hot one. It is an issue that touches the society in more ways than one and we are all affected in one way or the other. It is the subject of movies, jokes, and both radio and TV programs. But as a thorny moral issue, it is bigger than we think and has deeper roots than you would imagine.

It is simply defined as the ‘quality of being unfaithful’. The most basic definition of the word unfaithfulness is; “not true to duty, obligation, or promises”. This is a character definition in that it signifies a person’s nature being expressed, whether it is a momentary trait or a permanent one. The definitions stretch further; “having the character of a traitor” and “not trustworthy”. Easily the most common definition, especially in the current generation, is the one that touches on our romantic relationships; “having intimate relations with someone (including sexual) other than your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend”. Therefore, in this instance, infidelity and unfaithfulness are perfectly interchangeable terms.

We must appreciate the fact that infidelity is a character trait and lies deep within, whether it is momentarily exercised or is evoked as a ‘usual’ pattern. It simply manifests itself through one’s persona and in various other forms. We often suppose Infidelity [cheating on our partner] and the attendant actions as the most pronounced and most common manifestations. However, neglecting or absconding from your duties and obligations is also a form of infidelity. This is actually the most common manifestation of infidelity or unfaithfulness owing to the fact that it is more prevalent in everyday life and exercised by more people.

Are we inherently unfaithful?

A research is not necessary for one to see this massive scale of infidelity; look at the present army of shirkers, the widespread hedonism [pursuit of ease and pleasure] that is the characteristic of our lot, the lackadaisical fashion in which we carry out our duties, the deliberate slackness and sloppiness in executing the tasks at hand, or the readiness to breach agreements. All these are in fact more pronounced manifestations of infidelity and unfaithfulness.

You would think that even an association with a higher power or with God would be sufficient motivation for faithfulness or fidelity, but alas! Christians and children of God have in fact bloodier hands when it comes to fidelity to God. This weekend, my devotion was on the subject of lovers, as seen from the book of Songs of Solomon [See songs of songs 3:1-5]. It is a depiction of the relationship between man and God. Instead of getting a sense of encouragement, I ended up hearing the admonishing voice of God. We cheat on God more often than we can acknowledge. It is a sweet analogy but sadly, it is only beheld in the face of expected blessing or anticipated gain, but not in the perspective of commitment and fidelity.

This may sound like a lashing whip from a duke on his high-horse to you but consider God’s own take on the matter in that, He thought of His people as having a special kind of infidelity or unfaithfulness. He was not referring to the degree, but rather something worse. He was referring to a strange and appalling kind that was even uncommon at the time. This was evinced through one of the not-so-popular prophets at the time [See Ezekiel 16:30-34] .

Perhaps we are all predisposed in some way to infidelity. I do not have any evidence of any such conclusion, and indeed I am not making it. Its prevalence however speaks for itself. But in any case, this is one of the many reasons we ought to be born again. We need a new nature and our old nature is no good. It is totally unacceptable in heaven and everyone who is not born again should make it their top most priority to get this newness of life. And it is a very simple process.


Nasaye is a freelance writer, and speaker. He also works as a management consultant. He is passionate about helping people find meaning with their lives and shake off the fetters on their feet. He is currently writing a book “The one-eyed gang in Heaven” which will be out in April 2013. Follow him on twitter, facebook and his blog

4 thoughts on “Infidelity/unfaithfulness, do all relationships suffer from it? by @nasaye

  1. Hi ,
    Extramarital Affairs do not mean intend to cheat on wife over a maid or any status.
    Extramarital Affairs are designed and developed for Medical Purposes .
    It has nothing to do with Religion but completely linked with Utter Human Rights.
    It is used to measure the Mental Health Problems which mostly occur in Men, rarely in women.
    Women are created in such a way that she accepts the idea of being married and understand its importance. But man is created differently and that’s why most men reacted strangely when they are become very well established / no established. For instance, Ages ago , Adam came alone on Earth during that time never knows what Adam could hold of thoughts. He was descendent from Heaven for a divine purpose but Human mind capable of roaming freely in his / her dreams .When God realised that Adam is alone and feels no good , so God created Eve in accordance with his desire or dreams.

    For Instance, if a guy /boy who is single and have no courage,luck or mindset to get, win or approach a desired partner for marriage ,so he is allowed to make friendship with married woman or in other words , friends with benefit . Let me explain you ,the benefits does not mean taking advantage of money in return. In accordance with finding it means ” Sharing is Caring which is absolutely regardless of any Agreement or Greed .It is practised under the permission of Government who allows Special people ( Minor level , mostly Mentally Retardation, Depressed due to Hopeless, minor case of Schizophrenia or mixed ) to practise this exercise only on only physically attractive married women under the supervision or knowledge of Psychologist or Related Field Practitioners. A General Practitioner or Mental Health Doctors may also engage to undertake the responsibility of the Mental Patient for cure, privately but under the knowledge of Govt ( Medical and Social Department ). Only Medicines can not make the Mental Patient cured but often some other activities must also be included to prevent the Mental Patients from deep implications. Deep Implications mostly take place due to regular dose of Medicines and physical exercises which has also side effects. These Side effects are no good sign for Mental Patient and therefore it varies the Pattern of that Mental Patient from one form to addition another form. Physical Exercise is no doubt good but stresses he gets from exercises should has to be relieved.For that the Mental Patient do not have to feel under burden otherwise it may have 80% chances to form other kind of Mental disease . That’s why Psychiatric Doctors get amazed when Patient is healthy and when Patient gets worse in no time . Check and ask from any Psychiatric Doctors who may claim that she has completely cured or nearly cured the Mental Patient and he / she is taking no drug any more since.The Doctors will lie and try to cover up the stories and cases because he / she has licensed to experiment on us .This is a tried and tried practice and shall be Obselete / Obsolescence in future .That’s why Affinitive Aunt or Medical Practitioners plays an important role in becoming promiscuous playful muses to treat the Mental Patient softly and handle him with care.

    So there is a confusion in understanding the Concept of Extramarital Affairs which has nothing to do with Romance , Domestic Matters , Marital Matters or Religion Matters .It does exist but for such Mental Patient .

    Therefore , Families who undertake this sense of responsibilities may confront problems and troubles from society.

    TY .

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