By Ciiku Gitonga

Monica, a 25 year old beautiful, intelligent working lady has never been in a relationship. Not because she’s ugly, rude or anything like that but because she feels that she can’t handle all that emotional burden.

As a single girl she gets more sex than her friends who are in relationships. not the ‘one night stand’ kind of sex but the ‘friends with benefits’ kind. She’ll go out with her pals, ready for anything. As the end of the night approaches, she dials one of her ‘friends’ and gets some which is a routine she loves very much.

One day she gets a friend request on facebook, seeing that she has more than 20 mutual friends with Ben, she accepts and Ben wastes no time. They start inboxing each other even exchange numbers. One month down the line, the guy asks for a meet, she agrees but being Monica….no dates…lets meet at the bar, no pressure of small talk.

Since Irene’s (Monica’s pal) birthday was coming up, she invites Ben to join them at their favourite club for cake, nyama and drinks. They drink, dance, have fun and she notices that this guy is mature, funny and only hopes he can match all that up in bed.

Sooner rather than later, great sex is experienced and Monica makes a new ‘friend’ only this one is a special friend coz his sex is A+++. Health centre pap for the HIV, STD check ups and Ben is on speed dial. She has been to his place numerous times, overnight, during the day for that emergency dose of orgasm so with all this, how do you think she reacted when she found out that all this time Ben was married?

Really, men why do you do that? Yes, Monica only wanted the assured great sex, nothing more but who said that she was willing to sleep with a married man? Lay all the cards on the table and make sure everyone is a willing participant.

As a single lady, I know how hard it is to find great sex and it is so disappointing when you finally land one only to find that you have been using someone else’s dick to please you.

Some of us respect the sanctity of marriage and the thought of hurting another woman out there is unbearable.

These are the reasons why you meet innocent girls with burnt faces on the streets. they thought they had landed a man then a scorned wife decides to satisfy her vengeance on the poor unknowing girl.

And ladies, if your man is cheating, kindly take it up with him not the other girl. your vows or agreement is with him not her.


Ciiku Gitonga is a mother, a friend and a lover of life. A shy fashion lover with an open mind who rarely conforms to society. Ciiku makes her own rules. Life experiences, hers and others’, fiction and fantasies all make her blog. Feel free to comment, any feedback shall be highly appreciated. Check out her blog and follow her on twitter.


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