by VeehCirra


Are there men that are meant to be shared? Men that were destined to have not one, but 2 or more women. And those women share albeit half-heartedly the said man. Well, we live in strange times people.

Growing up every girl has received a lot of advice about life, men and marriage life from well meaning aunties and friends. You simply can’t escape it, and as you transition in different stages of life, the advice keeps flowing. I have been to more weddings, bridal showers this past year and I have gathered a lot of information. It’s interesting how loose the tongue gets when surrounded by good company, a few drinks and the ambience is just right. And anyway, girls love to talk. And one of our most favorite topics apart from shopping is men.

Unless you are living under a rock, you have watched or at least heard about Scandal the series. It’s a well written script and beautifully acted love/business story. And Olivia Pope rocks, I love this series. Think of the most powerful man in the free world being brought down to his knees by a woman he can’t have. Don’t get it twisted; the hand that rules the world is the one that rocks the cradle. And Beyonce sings it so well, “Who Rules the world…Girls.” And I digress…

Watching Scandal, you can’t help but marvel at how two beautiful successful women are “willing” to share a man. A man one of them can’t have and the other will never really have. Sharing affections is a pretty complicated affair.

When you come to Kenya, we all know of the open secrets of the intelligent beautiful women who come out to the public to profess their love of men who have already tied lifelong knots with another. Seems some men are definitely meant to be shared. Is it that women are only willing to share men with immense power and wealth? I don’t think so. But I may be wrong.

Sometime back, a local daily indicated that Kenya holds a statistic of about 3 women for every man. This shortage of men is driving women crazy on hormones and adrenaline to get themselves a man before prince charming has been snapped up by another. Its more like reversed roles, we women are fishing for men. That aside; I find that this crazy rush for men and rash decisions is creating a strange breed of woman. She is your middle to upperclass woman with a child or two, either has a job or not, this doesn’t really matter because the father(s) of her child(ren) are paying alimony that covers the rent, fees and upkeep for the child(ren).

What happened to keeping it traditional? What happened to the men? Don’t they have any moral standing, any (short) skirt that doesn’t want commitment but just a servicing once a week is fine? I don’t know, maybe I have it all wrong. Is this the reason romantic love seems so jaded?



VeehCirra is a free spirited lover of life, learning to live in the now. She focuses on sharing tips to lift your spirit and inspire you to live the life that you deserve. Find more of her writing at Theway2fullconsciouness and follow on twitter.


7 thoughts on “Are there men that are meant to be shared? by @VeehCirra

  1. I think romance has little to do with relationships… it’s a matter of needs being met and demands being made. What happens in the traditional/religious scenario where the women are not just allowed by law, but agree to share the man? Can’t the two actually be in love with the same man, and live amicably with sharing?
    I find that dissection of relationships is strange – only those involved know the heart of the matter.

    1. agreed Naomi, relationships are about needs being met, I put it to you that a man with shared attention may not necessarily e able to meet your needs as well as his. The way that true love is designed, you can never have enough… two women, same man, may be quite difficult.

  2. Even in Scandal, Olivia finally accepts she’ll never have Fitz and she moves on – season 2 Spoiler alert. It depends on one’s ability to exchange fantasy for reality. An affair is not a relationship, it’s a quick distraction from the adulterers real life. Accept that and realize if he loved the side-kick, he would leave current wife and marry side-kick. Never confuse a distraction from the real life a person lives.

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