by iWIDEdj

Once upon a time lived a guy who dreamt of his princess. He imagined that she’d come dressed in all white, the brightest smile plastered on her face and donning a tiara. Unbeknown to him this wasn’t going to be the case. Many of the ladies he came across seemed to be the proverbial frogs that never turned to be princesses.

*Pause lady bird book story*

In my not so long life,love has eluded and confused me. I have always thought that it would come to me in a certain manner,more like the cliché scenes I see in movies and Spanish soaps. Where I as the love struck bloke have my mouth gaping as the lady off my dreams strolls by, her hair bouncing off her shoulders and passes a quick glance at me while smiling. In reality that has never happened.

So what is love to me? Love to me is the deepest level of trust a man or woman extends to another. A lady will share her deepest needs concerns to her man and the man will by every means possible make sure they’re met. A knowledge that a man/woman will have in their minds that another person cares for them deeply. This to me is love. The purchasing of lavish and ostentatious gifts isn’t love. (Gifts are good but they shouldn’t be confused with love).

The treatment one gives to their partner is key. Among boys crude joke, jiving mark how close they are. Sports and cars take centre. Stage of their discussions. With the ladies a chat over ice cream and glossy magazines is how they show love. Add to the list joint visits to the salon and boutiques,. How ever, one can’t treat the lady of his dreams like one of his boys. The occasional nyamchom plot might suffice. A characteristic of love I admire is gentleness.

I have seen many a man treat a woman with no gentleness. Some are downright insolent should the lady ask an obvious question, or hurry her through a meal. Women are like good china,handle with care. I’m a firm believer that a woman should be romanced always. Cook a nice meal,ran a hot bath, sing to her *for the musically gifted* and writing letters. Small gestures that make a world of difference to her.This I one day hope to do and do well. Exercise patience too especially when it comes to dressing. That’s a ritual on its own.

With “Maendeleo Ya Wanawake”, some sisters think that they can call shots. From the Bible,God appointed man to be the head of the home but that doesn’t mean he has leeway to mistreat you. Some ladies lose good men as they too competitive and hungry for equality.

I hope that my woman will learn her role well so that she can compliment my strengths and cover my weaknesses. A lady when I’m down won’t nag me or press hard to. Keep me chatty when all I want is just a warm embrace. One who can cook really well *not that I can’t cook*. A patient woman,who when she asks me to fix the door hanging on one hinge, will know it will be done. Respectful of the choices I make for us and our children.

*back to the lady bird book story*

He didn’t tire to look for the love of his life. Each day that passes he hopes to find her.

“Love hopes,trusts and always perseveres” – 1 Cor 13:7 [paraphrased]


iWIDEdj is a DJ, budding writer, crazy creative and insanely deep character. With a story of his life that can change your perspective and view of your own, iWIDEdj choses to listen and be a friend. follow him on twitter. Also, catch-up with him on his blog.


One thought on “Chasing princess charming by @iWIDEdj

  1. Great post.

    Well, I’m not a fan of all these ‘words’ and ‘advices’ or ‘insights’, last time I scoured the vats of literature for them, I ended up with a stupor of some kind whenever I would make any attempts at changing my status. Why can’t everyone just be and wait to meet someone and get fascinated by them? I mean, just have your principles in place and then let love do its work. I have never understood why we have to have all these pre-conditions and pre-imaginations which end up being the measuring scales of how happy we are in a relationship, rather than the infinite possibilities and joys of having someone in your life.
    Anyway, just my thoughts. And yes I am single.

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