by @SunnyLikeNjeri

July 31…

Well as they say (whoever they are oh wait it may just be pointless society that do not matter) I have had my fair share of boy-girl relationships that I would have loved to keep longer than their expiry date. But ain’t I super glad I did not hold on to them. July 2012 brought with it a cool breeze, the air was fresh and my sense of adventure was purcke’d up like a dog’s ears keen on something interesting. I heard & saw about this *girlfriend month* just one month of letting the man be the man, take u on dates, shower you with attention my imagination was immediately captured, it sounded so nice. I was a bit scared of meeting psychos; you know Nairobi has its fair share of crazies.

I saw 2 of my friends participating & I was a bit safer. Immediately I was in. One of my friends asked me out, I was as happy as it was someone I knew and it would be fun. I think I relaxed knowing it will end in a few weeks time. So with reckless abandon we met daily and enjoyed each other’s company, we were careful with each other’s feelings, kinder, warmer, after all it was just for 4 weeks. It quickly became a habit, we fell for each other. I did not see it coming for true.

After he officially asked me out I kept waiting for July 31st to reach and he would politely ask us to part ways like the gentleman he is.
Gladly he didn’t. I learnt a couple of things about myself and relationships I had been in:

Firstly, I was only kind for a little bit & every chance I got to be upset I would blow a fuse, run to my girlfriends for their opinion & over think everything. This one I changed my attitude and was 1st Corinthians 13. I know it wasn’t love but it deserved my best.

Secondly, I learnt that relationships are so personal & confidential, how I speak of someone that is how my friends will treat him. This guy is a gem, better than anyone I have ever met. If I treated him badly I would not have experienced the fullness of his kindness and love. God has shown me his goodness.

Thirdly, I have also learnt to relax (well to a certain extent since am a control freak) and let him be a man, be the Man. I have learnt a great deal about myself… A great deal, when to keep quiet, when to pray HARD and enjoy the ride.

Relationships are what you make them; yes there are bad people and good people. There is always some good in everyone, if only nurtured and is worth your time. This is not that you ignore the Red flags, it’s so that you know if you can LIVE with the red flags or not. This is my side of things… It would be great to hear his side, but being umber discreet I doubt he will share his version. OK I gotta go now & be swept off my feet again.  It’s not yet and won’t be July 31st 🙂

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Raata is a Lover of words, reading, writing, everything wordy am it. 🙂 i want to be a writer forever, for posterity sake, culture tickles my fancy, photography i dabble in… My 2cents a picture is worth a thousand words, but NO thousand words is worth just one picture. 🙂 Follow her on twitter


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