by Ciiku Gitonga

While ignoring her works a lot…( this is embarrassing to admit)……….Respecting a lady goes a long way………..(even to the bedroom)

Making her laugh is a must people…….u cannot be serious all the time and then wait to be impressed later…..doesn’t work that way. Assuming she falls……….its always good to lighten the mood other than making it awkward by being silent or being sorry, doesn’t help the situation at all.

Spontaneity……………hmm this is where a guy earns most of his marks. Planning is boring…its like a job. Having a schedule for everything……….Don’t you guys also enjoy this? some change here and there…now and then? same style over and over sucks totally.

Borrowing a friend’s puppy does not help the situation at all…….you might not be friendly to dogs at all and it ends up being a total disaster or she may hate dogs and puppies alike……….really.

The one that guys think does everything……..impressing the parents………….women are different and if all the above have worked out well, then I am pleased to inform you that impressing her parents doesn’t go a long way at all. Most girls believe in LOVE and they cannot risk it because her mother does not like your walk or her father does not like your talk. Either way her parents won’t disown her and if she is already in.full throttle.then you have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, when you are taking her to meet your parents, please and I say again please lighten the mood. Do not at any one point leave her with your mother even for 30 seconds you may come back and find her gone especially if you are a mommy’s boy.

No matter how far it is from where you live, do not make her spend the night so if you have to drive at night or sleep in a car or get a hotel room, do it unless the girl is in a bonding with your parents mood. You should also expect the same from her when she is taking you to meet her parents.

Just a word of caution, when meeting her siblings or her close friends, you had better be at your best. Joke but not too much to the extent that you are even thinking (what the hell am I doing) Do not flirt with any of them unless its the innocent type for her younger sister who should not be older than 10. You know the buying of sweets or getting her a flower and telling her she is pretty, gives you points.

The impression you make on her friends and siblings may make you or break you so watch out. I know you are thinking that a lady should not listen to her friends but lets be honest, friends’ impression matter a lot and even if we never act on them immediately, they end up nagging you at the back of your head which is just pathetic.

The meeting of friend’s thing also applies to guys, if you do not make good and lasting impression then you are kicked to the curb and the next in line is welcomed. All in all friends are the ones to watch out and learn what they like. So the next time your lover is talking about his/her friends, as boring as it may be, try getting the key points for yourself to know who likes what and who likes what.

This is just me trying to explain the diagram my way………as always there are always other opinions which will be highly appreciated.



A mother, a friend and a lover of life. A shy fashion lover with an open mind who rarely conforms to society. Ciiku makes her own rules. Life experiences, hers and others’, fiction and fantasies all make her blog. Feel free to comment, any feedback shall be highly appreciated. Check out her blog and follow her on twitter.


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