By Anonymous.


I have always been confronted by this question again and again, and most recently as the years whoosh, you are akin to the Unicorn, people don’t believe you exist. Does he really have to be saved? I mean, he is a nice guy, respects women, has a sound head on his shoulder, supports your dreams…you know salvation is something you can at work later … he looks sober enough and anyway, you know XYZ claimed to be saved and look what he did … so there is nothing wrong with him, he is a really nice guy and he likes you….  True he is a nice guy and has a lot of potential, and true there are some people out there who has taken the name of Christ through the sewer but that is not you. Sweetie, I do not want him, I want you, I want you because of your commitment to Christ, that it is not about playing a role it is a lifestyle it is a mode of living, and I know that you exist, look at you now, you truly love Jesus and to top it all up, you are beyond my wildest dreams.

So this is my answer, to them, the non-believers, the critics, I want him saved, because of two things I know and love God and I know God knows and loves me and; he knows and loves God and he knows that God knows and loves him. Let me start by making a few things straight, as you know I am the woman who pales any version of Proverbs 31 woman that might be out there. I am a good wife, and you will be so proud to be associated with me. But, I also know I have some crazy moments, as you already have realised  I am not your average girl, I see the world with wide lenses and I want to conquer every inch of it, I am ambitious and passionate and believe I can do all things through Christ that strengthens, I live life on that very fast lane. This means, I do have those crazy moments when I want everything to be done my way. It is in those moments (which will be many) that I know you will need a back-up plan, and because I know my God I want Him to be your back-up plan, I need to know that in the heat of my craziness you are busy talking to the Father consulting Him on what your answer and reaction to me should be. Sweetie trust me, no book has prepared you for me, but I know the Father and I know that He knows me, and He knows how to calm me down (re: Zeph 3:17) and I trust His judgement on whatever matter and I listen to Him. I love you so much, that I want in those times when I project my need for your leadership as a tantrum, I want to be assured that your position is God’s position, that whatever your words are inspired by God, I want that assurance that He is influencing your take on things. That is why I am insisting you must love Jesus.

But sweetie, more importantly, I love you so much, and as much as I do, I know that there are things a man has to go through for them to reach the heights that they are meant to reach. While I am confident in your knowledge of my love for you, there are things I can never understand, it is those moments that I want to know that you have someone to turn to. I love you so much to see you suffering alone, going up that mountain by yourself, I do not want to watch the love of my life withering away, while there is an unending source of strength. I want to be able to know that when I see you in agony, pain confusion that I can turn to God and ask Him to minister to you, you in turn will have a heart that is open for God to minister to. That in moments of pure Joy and Pride, I can raise my eyes to God and say thank you for doing this, and you will understand in the depth of your heart what that means. That is why I insist you must love Jesus and have a relationship with God.

Finally sweetie, you took your time finding me, I am sure I will understand why in due course, but given that we have no chance of spending as much time together as I had hoped for, I want us to maximize what we have been given, but more than that, I want this party to continue beyond the grave, I want to see you the love of life meet my all time love. I would hate to lose you at the grave. Sweetie that is why you must love Jesus and have a relationship with God.


Your Princess


The Author of this post has requested for anonymity.

12 thoughts on “An open letter to the man of my dreams (if you really exist)

  1. Dear woman of my dreams,

    Before this page is inundated with responses, some of which will be trying to dissuade me about your existence , let me respond. In truth, I have more often than not doubted your existence. But with this missive to me, the flickering flame of hope is rekindled. I would have you know that I have been holding on to Christ for nearly a decade now. It’s not been rosy, but with His tightened grip, even the vilest and most nefarious agents will not make Him lose His grip on me.

    As we find our way to each other, I wish you grace and strength. I know our paths shall intersect soon and intertwine into one path. I wonder if there was something I could do to significantly bring that day closer. For now, stay plugged in to Jesus and keep well my dear.

    the man of your dreams.

  2. kuna vile hii story inakusaidi kufahamu Mola ni mkubwa katika uhusiano wako na mchumba au bibi …shukrani tele kwa wosia huu.



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