1. SamKitots
    When he is serious, he’ll make sure he’s there with you on every special occasion, besides your birthday.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:28:54
  2. SamKitots
    When he is always calling you to ask mundane things like “when did you wake up?”.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:30:00
  3. SamKitots
    Signs that he is serious? He’ll make it a point 2surprise u with gifts. If he is out on a business trip, he’ll buy u a souvenir frm the plc
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:31:38
  4. SamKitots
    Your man is serious when he is really concerned about every little thing that happens to you
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:32:00
  5. evangelinechao
    🙂 and vice versa”@SamKitots: Your man is serious when he is really concerned about every little thing that happens to you”
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:34:21
  6. SamKitots
    He listens patiently to you. Is constantly asking you about your career and offers advice when needed.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:32:46
  7. SamKitots
    He’s by your side if you’ve had a bad day at work, and gives a shoulder to cry on if your boss has been nasty to you.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:33:39
  8. SamKitots
    There’s not a single recreational activity he will do without you. He takes you to the theater, or concerts
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:34:16
  9. SamKitots
    When a man takes you home to introduce you as his girlfriend to his family means he’s keen on taking the relationship to the next level
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:35:05
  10. SamKitots
    He’ll introduce u to his friends, not just 2show off, but 2ensure his friends get 2knw & like u, just as he would want u to like his friends
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:36:39
  11. SamKitots
    He’ll make it a point to wear the shirts you gifted him, and to show you that’s he’s worn it.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:36:55
  12. SamKitots
    Your man is serious when he gets really upset if he has not seen you or spoken to you even for a day.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:37:22
  13. SamKitots
    He won’t mind you being with your friends, as long as you keep him informed, just as he keeps you informed if he’s out with the boyz
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:37:58
  14. SamKitots
    He’s always there by your side, not only to keep unwanted men away, but also to send a clear signal to the girls that he’s not available
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:38:35
  15. SoniKanake
    @samkitots Ehe…so now, where does THIS man live? #justasking
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:49:36
  16. cywoh
    Ai! @SamKitots, your TL today… *takes notes*
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:48:20
  17. SamKitots
    A great way to spend a quiet and peaceful night with your partner would be by going through old photo albums and reliving those moments.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:40:35
  18. LizzNjagah
    @SamKitots don’t you mean going through FB photos.. Does anyone do Albums anymore :p
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:48:10
  19. SamKitots
    @LizzNjagah haha, thats true… we are the last generation that did albums
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:58:59
  20. SamKitots
    This is one tradition that can never fade or get outdated. A romantic candle light dinner is the perfect idea for a date night.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:40:52
  21. SamKitots
    Make a list of reasons that make you love your spouse. Do it together and watch what happens of the coming weeks
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:42:49
  22. SamKitots
    Date nights don’t have to be full of gooey romance all the time.Play paintball with her, take her bowling or some random fun activity
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:46:51
  23. SamKitots
    Treat her like your queen and make her fall in love with you again. Talk about swapping roles for the next date night
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:44:02
  24. SamKitots
    Girls love receiving compliments and at the same time, they are very good at separating genuine compliments from the fake ones
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:48:36
  25. SamKitots
    Let him know that he can be himself in your presence without having to worry about his impression on you.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:51:03
  26. SamKitots
    Be a gentleman. Treat them like a lady and make them feel special when they are with you.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:52:41
  27. SamKitots
    Never flaunt – Try to be one of those humble people who have it but don’t brag about it.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:53:50
  28. SamKitots
    Nothing stands out more than a casual and sensitive guy who gives you your space
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:54:23
  29. SamKitots
    Be a good friend first
    Learn to be a good friend before you try to tell her how you feel.
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:55:25
  30. SamKitots
    Thanks… RT @e_sonnie: 1 RT”@M_ama: @samkitots I like the talk on your TL this morning”
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:59:25
  31. fokango
    @SamKitots good morning bro…am reading from your tweets and getting them right hahaha
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 22:36:26
  32. SamKitots
    @fokango very cool! thanks bruv!! go win some points my guy 🙂
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 23:00:45
  33. SamKitots
    oh yes! thanks… 🙂 RT @rodah_: @SamKitots TL yes yes yes!!!!
    Thu, Aug 23 2012 23:06:38

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