It got to her that he lied to her. “He wasn’t brought up that way”, she reasoned and “Why does this have to happen now?” Kip looked at her in the eye and the guilt couldn’t let him look at her straight in the eye.

Cheptoo understood him, but sometimes his “niceness” just made things awkward. When they met Kip was the guy who could listen to her and not really give an answer, she didn’t want answers, she just wanted to share. Over the 3 years they dated, and now this their 2nd year of marriage, she had no regrets. Being a first time mother she was scared. She didn’t know what to expect at any time.

Seated across from her Kip didn’t know what to do, he had taught her over their 5 year relationship about openness and spending quality time. That is what he saw with his parents. It was hard because she didn’t have both her parents in her life, her mother died when she was still too young to comprehend. This time, he messed up. He didn’t know what drove him to meet for coffee with Karen from the office. But somehow Chep (as he called her) found out.

Chep looked at his hand on the table and she reached out and held it. Kip knew she was just looking out for him when she aired her concerns over him meeting with Karen. Now that he thought about it, he realised that she had a point all along. He loved it whenever she held him. It meant something to him.

They held hands and looked into each others eyes, Chep with her tears balancing, and Kip with a lump in his throat. He choked. And at that moment he things were ok.


There are five love languages.

If you consider any means of expression to be a language,

then they would be languages. They are: 

(1) Quality time (2) Affirmations (3)Touch (4) Service (5)Gifts


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