This fight was not normal, its as though she had something to prove. They had had a lovely whirlwind romance the last 2 years but now this was nothing close to normal. Michelle was upset. She didn’t like the way Sandra kept hanging around her boyfriend, lets call him Mike. It was as though Mike had started missing having old company around. What was Sandra trying to prove by holding hands, lingering hugs and that knowing look she gave whenever she would interrupt conversation? Michelle had to ask if there was still something going on between Mike and Sandra because this seemed to be based on some sort of history.

See, two years ago, Mike was on a road trip to neighbouring Tz and that’s where he met Michelle. She was the “New Kid” in the group of youngsters going to Tz to do some community work. Michelle was that girl next door that you would have fun talking with. She was pretty and just a an amazing girl. Mike had never met one like her. Something weird for him was that they always wanted to spend time together. This was unlike his ex…

Michelle felt bad that she had said some cruel things to Mike, but he had it coming. She didn’t like this, the last year had been a roller coaster of fights. Mike didn’t seem to know what she meant when she wanted Sandra out of the picture. She fought with the idea of talking to Sandra but she thought Mike should learn to deal with this in case another “Sandra” came along.

Michelle didn’t get that Mike grew up in a monitored environment, for the 3 years he had been in campus, “having girls interested” was new to him. Mike didn’t want to tell Michelle that there could be another “Sandra”, he had the pressure to make this relationship work. It was hard for him to ward off the girls and at the same time be a sociable friend. See, his classmates were all into drinking, smoking and clubbing. Mike couldn’t do any of this because of fear of his dad finding out but at the same time, he wanted to be part of the crew. He will never forget Audrey who invited him to lunch (or so he thought it would be). She promised him a red thong on his first birthday in campus.

They had met 2 years ago on the trip to Tz and two weeks later started going out and before they knew it, they were 6months into dating and things got serious… Mike was scared. What to tell the parents, he had never been this serious with a girl, infact his ex, Rachael, was only a two month relationship. Rachael was gorgeous. She had long, thick ,black hair, the sexiest eyes ever and a melodious voice. Rachael could sing, dance and act. She was a heart throb for all guys and Mike was the winner of the prize. He paraded her like a trophy, but his parents didn’t like her. He could tell, by their facial expressions whenever she was a round or he would talk about her. She was his first girl. With the acceptance issues came the worst nightmare, Mike found out that she was just using him to get to one of his friends. And before he knew it, she was gone and his heart was broken. Mike swore to never get involved with a woman again. Then, along came Sandra, his platonic friend. They shared a lot in common, however he had no romantic feelings for her.

It looked like now, Sandra wanted to claim her place and Michelle was afraid that she would lose Mike. She told herself, “if its really meant to be, he will come back”. What a way to celebrate their second anniversary of dating…


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