Three weeks ago, Sarah’s cousin Mwikali had come to the prime of her pregnancy duration. Her boyfriend had run off upon hearing that she was pregnant and she had to go back to her father’s house. This was one of the hardest choices she had to make as this relationship was her way out of the desolate family. Mwikali’s mum had long since died and her dad was very depressed for a while. Her brothers, school dropouts, were also staying in the house with her dad. None of them was really making headway with the chang’aa brewing. Desolation had struck the family and a baby was on the way.

Mwikali was insistent on making things work. She knew that this wasn’t going to be a family curse and decided that keeping the baby and bringing the child up in a positively enabling environment would be the way to go. Sarah always wanted to have such courage. She watched as Mwikali went through the motions of expecting a baby, as she dealt with the public ridicule and the shame that came with being sent back home to the village from whence she came. Time came and Sarah was called to the big city for a job. She wanted to be there to support Mwikali, but Mwikali encouraged her to go for this starter job. “When I can travel with the baby, and your find a place to stay, I will come and visit you, maybe we will create a better world for this child”

Sarah hesitantly left and made her way to her new job as a house help.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, Sarah was getting ready to go for her usual day off and that’s when she got the call from her dad. Mwikali had gone into labour early that morning .

The family was caught by surprise and they called a nearby family for assistance. There was a new mother in the house and she came out to help Mwikali push through the delivery. A baby boy was born. Innocent as ever, the child was healthy. Mwikali was happy. After a few minutes she started bleeding. They couldn’t figure out why and needed to rush Mwikali to the nearest hospital over 20km away and transport was a 5km walk. By the time a vehicle came, Mwikali had lost a lot of blood and passed out. Mwikali was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. She hadn’t even had a chance to name the child.

Sarah is our house help. One thing is for sure, God has brought this situation for us to rally together and assist this child. A mere KES 600 could feed this baby for a week. Clothes in the village (Kathaana, approx 20km from Kangundo) are hard to come by. My wife and I have committed to supporting the child until he is weaned. Your support will be highly appreciated.

Clothing donations can be dropped at Kingdom Business Network along Kabarnet Road, off Ngong road, behind Uchumi Hyper. Label the donation c/o @SamKitots and I will get them.

To raise cash, we would like to thank Intrepid Data Systems for allowing us to use their paybill number to raise funds.

# Go to your M-PESA Menu on your phone.
# Select Pay Bill Option
# Enter the following business number: 510800
# Enter 1099 as the account number.
# Enter the total amount to send
# Enter your PIN and send the money.
# You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from M-PESA.

Airtel Money
# Select To Make Payments Option
# Select Pay Bill
# Select Others
# Enter the Business name IPAY
# Enter the total amount to send
# Enter your PIN
# Enter 1099 as the reference number and send
# You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from Airtel Money.

# Go to your yuCash Menu on your phone.
# Select Send Money Option
# Enter 102020 as the business number
# Enter the total amount to send
# Enter 1099 as the Message
# Enter your PIN and then send
# You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from yuCash.


Kingdom Business Network
Kingdom Business Network

One thought on “A simple assignment – Emmanuel

  1. I would like to thank all that have contacted and called on this. We have received some clothes and money that will be used to purchase powdered milk for the child. These will be sent over the coming weekend of the 2nd of June. We were asked to name this child in Ukambani who doesnt know us and we named him Emmanuel.

    One lady who works with LABOREX and another who works with UNILEVER were kind enough to give us staff rates for their baby products.

    Your prayers, encouragement and support is highly appreciated.

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