Dave sat at his laptop that evening. It had been a rough few weeks after getting fired. He didn’t know what else could go wrong.

“I don’t know why this would happen now… work is hardest, most business deals are being closed for the year, project plans being finalised and real work begins. Corporates are now stressing on cost cutting, and focusing on collections, now that most big accounts have sealed the deal. The year has picked its rhythm and it is easy to tell how much harder you need for the rest of the year. “

He stopped briefly to listen to the night sounds. Then he remembered that day when he got to the office. Guys seemed to know something he didn’t when he walked into the office but they all said hi they way they normally would. It didn’t occur to him then what awaited him.

He turned back to the laptop and continued writing “Yesterday I took a step back and went to a quiet place (in my mind) and watched the world around me. At that time, business was at the make it or make it stage, I couldn’t tell how the year would have turned out.”

He paused to wipe his misty eyes as he remembered sitting in the board room and his boss, the MD and the head of HR seated all looking shifty as they handed him the letter. Dave took his hands away from the keyboard, they were shaking. He remembered coming home to tell his wife. They had a newborn.

“As I held our second born…” he continued “It became apparent to me. This child and her sister, who was sleeping in the same room, I love them more than anything and would be willing to do anything to ensure that they are well catered for”

Dave sat up straight, went to a new line and wrote.

“If I can do anything for my children to ensure their safety, provision and sanity, what more about God who calls me his own?”

This realisation put him in a good place emotionally, now he knew, it can only get better. He shut the lid of his laptop, took a moment to admire his wife, switched off the lights and went to bed.



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