The following is courtesy of a friend Lilian Okado..

The tremor in the wee hours, and the thoughts that coursed through my head confirmed to me without a doubt that I am truly insane…

Being on the topmost floor, I could hear all my neibas water tanks on the roof right above my head shaking and the first thing that came to mind was: “I’M GOING TO DROWN!” …

Then, as I hear the cracks in my walls continue to extend further, I see myself marching to the landlord’s office and demanding half my rent back for having the audacity to rent out a structurally unsound flat that had caused me emotional trauma. According to me, ours was the only building in the entire Nairobi that was shaking – thank you texts from my neiba below me, Facebook and good ol’ Twitter for saving me the embarrassment)

Then when it was finally over, barely a few seconds later, still obviously rattled, I reach out for my pajamas and think, had things been serious, some of us would be compromised when scampering outside of the building for safety. Imagine the sight of you Neiba naked at 5am in the morning.. WHAT!!!! God I thank you yet again for saving me the embarrassment.



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