The Lord God is All mighty.

The maker of heaven and earth.

He who called creation into being,

Gave us life to breathe, eat, move and have our being.

He who gave us sustenance, has called us to be His own

He has called us to worship him,

Not because He needs us, no

But such that we may recognise Him and reverence His being

And until we do so, He will not draw near to us.

Until we repent and cleanse ourselves

Of the gossip, betrayal, grudges and all manner of filth

He shall remain repelled.

The word says that He is the light of the world,

This light shall not come into our lives until we make the choice to let Him in

As supreme creatures, we have been given the power to choose

The power to choose between right and wrong,

The power to chose to make a difference

The power to choose Him,

Yes, we have power in us

Unlike all other creation

The birds of the air and the beasts of the filed,

The fish in the sea and the creatures of the night

Unlike the angels, we have the power to choose.

This power allows us to make turns along the path of life that he has set before us

No, he will not influence your decision,

He will not force you to make any decision,

You make all decisions on your own,

The circumstances may be different but in the end the decision is yours.

Some decisions are easy,

Like whether or not to eat,

And others are life changing

Like choosing to follow Him.

And it is the same Lord our God

Being all mighty had to create a bridge between our fallen man

And his sovereign self

This bridge had to be a pure sacrificial lamb

The lamb who was without sin.

His son, Jesus Christ chose to be this sacrifice

And by his blood that was shed on the cross on Calvary,

We are saved.

Saved from what you wonder to your self?

We are saved from eternal damnation.

You see, another thing about being superior beings,

We are designed to die either once or twice,

The first death is unavoidable.

Your life on this planet is but a window,

A passing window that prepares you for eternity.

And unless you make this decision,

Life after death shall be spent in eternal damnation, the second death

Our Father, in heaven does not want us to suffer in this way.

And so he is compassionate, compassionate enough to forgive

And more so to forgive and forget

He keeps no record of our wrongdoing.

All He wants is a relationship with us

And this relationship begins with salvation

This relationship is kept alive with constant strive to be more like Him

Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your path.


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