The more I think about it the more I realise that I should have started my weekly summary a while back. Anyway, I think there has been too much drama to follow up one wouldn’t even know what to rant about or what lessons are there any more. So the other day we are all at work with one earphone piece in our ear on a lazy afternoon, listening to online radio, local radio, music, or whatever else was on the plate and then there was a sudden hub-bub from the local radio listeners… “we struck oil”.  And for those of us who are on social media the twitter hashtag #TurkanaOil was born and we raced after it until it was the number one TT in the world.

Thing with us is that we know how to have a good time, and we know how to tell others about this good time, our flossing gave birth to many stories and reactions. People still following up these tales and what it will mean for Kenya is amazing. Among my favourite #TurkanaOil tweets was a song [see below]

that guy was about to do the dance #dead” said one @karibamoko

And then later on in the week, we get bad news, NHIF plan to deduct larger sums of money to give us the same medical care that we have been getting. We asked ourselves in the office, is it really a punishment to be employed? Of course we know that this could be part of the Elections funding programmes that have come up, however another question had arisen, how is #operationLindaNchi being funded?

I sat back and asked myself, have we been so used to a non-performing government that we just know that we are being robbed in the daylight? I hear a loud YES in the background whereas others are hesitant to speak. But if there is one thing I have learnt from @bonifacemwangi and @oleitumbi it is that the truth will always set you free. Our new Consitution gives us enough power and rights to speak for ourselves and defend ourselves against the face of adversity. More so I ask myself now that we can sit back and admire man in his mortal authority facing down adversity, what would happen if we walked in the authority given to us by God? John 14:2, Matt 28:18-20


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