2012 started interestingly, with a loud BANG… it was so loud I didn’t even get a chance to do that whole reflection thing, with new years resolutions. I think it was all planned out for me though. and in Feb came the first part of the plan. I welcomed a strapping young fellow into the world and I began paternity leave. My son, lets call him #CelebJunior for the sake of the internet brought such a sense of joy, peace and love into my heart. All the turmoil of the year past disappeared and then the days after brought on the thoughts of “if my folks put up with me all this time and managed so stand me, why did I ever think that they were too old to understand me?”

Sentimentals aside, those two weeks home taught me one thing, surrender. #CelebJunior had no care in the world but being fed, eat and sleep. Not even to shower. Just food and a clean diaper. Nomatter what happened, whether it’s a disagreement with the Mrs, lack of bread, no stima… he still ate, slept and had his diaper changed. This allowed him to grow. Why don’t we rely on God in such a way?

“who of you, by worrying about tomorrow can add a hair on his head?”

Our economy is not anything to write home about, living expenses are going through the roof, loose money from a ka loose biashara seems to have been mopped up with a VERY DRY mop. What is one meant to do in this 1st quarter? Businesses are looking for new lines of business, working on innovation and reducing on staffing. Where on earth are we meant to even start worrying? There is all the more reason to be scared. But heres the thing, the baby doesn’t care… he doesn’t care about DSTV, elec, car, fuel na kadhalika… all he wants is to be fed (not to feed)sleep and have his diaper changed…

Surrender… so that’s my plan for the year… surrender, my plans, dreams, ambitions, family and all to the one source of sustinence. I know there are those that say, God doesn’t exisit, but hey, what do I have to lose by trying? Give it a shot… as you step out and try live your dream, don’t forget, to surrender.


Till next deep moment. 


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