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She had been standing in the kitchen with her mother helping her on that Sunday afternoon. Jenny was wondering how she should tell mum about this new development in her life. She had played the scenario over and over in her mind ever since she called her mum to tell her that she will be coming over for lunch. It had been normal for Jenny to visit every other weekend or so. They chatted along as they cleaned up.  Taps running with water, clanging of dishes, foam from the liquid soap forming well as they washed away.

This was a perfect family moment. Karen, her sister, and Mark, husband, were also around with their two girls as was Jeff, her older brother was with Mark and Dad in the living room bonding over a blaring telly and politics. Karen walked in after putting their baby to bed, it was the baby’s first day out. It had been quite a journey since the child was born two months prematurely after having an emergency CS when they found the baby was having a respiratory problem. They were grateful to have her grow up into the peaceful young girl that she is.

There was such serenity, she couldn’t imagine messing it up with the news that she had. As she watched her family smiling, laughing and making merry, her phone beeped… there was a chat. She looked at it, Eric. It had been close to two weeks since she spoke with him. She couldn’t find reason for them to talk until she spoke to her parents. She loved him but the thought of bringing out all this at one go to her parents was hard. Jen grew up a bit protected like most girls. But her story with Eric was way outside the allowed limits to which she was brought up. Mum and Dad would need a lot of support when they finally find out. She ignored the call and turned to the rest of the family discussions.

The door bell rang, this was unexpected. Everyone quietened down because they were not expecting anyone else to join in. all attention was focused on this interruption. When the door opened, Jen got that feeling in the pit of her stomach, the one that wrenches the innards of your stomach and turns you into a monster but at the same time insanely afraid.  It was Eric at the door.


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