The car pulled up into the parking, she turned off the car, reached for her handbag and stopped to look in the rear view mirror, nobody was behind there. Still she had this eerie feeling. She took a moment to get used to the sounds around her, the neighbourhood cats meowing at each other as they fight over dustbin remains, a couple of barking dogs, the mother yelling at her kids to go to bed.

She looked around at the other cars in the parking, the houses surrounding and the houses. Two kids walked by, she was not much older than 15, he looked the same age. Arm in arm they walked oblivious that she was there. “Kids” she smirked to herself as she picked herself up to get to the house. As she got to the door of her ground floor flat, Her Blackberry beeped, “Sorry I was in meetings all day. I’m now returning messages. Let me know if you’re awake, I will call you?” was the summary of the message.

She flipped the light switch, ”Perfect” she mumbled to herself, there was a nearby construction going on, somehow ever since the building electrical wiring was installed, there had been unexplained outages. She made her way to the fridge and with her phone light she looked for some yoghurt. There was nothing there. Her cookie jar was empty as well. It seems like the cleaning lady may have eaten the last few cookies. She made a note to self: stock-up on yoghurt and cookies.

Jen sat down on the seat near the tiny window, still open since there has been nobody home all day. She was in a contemplative mood. She just wantded the silence. The home pregnancy test was in her handbag and she wondered if she should take it now or in the morning as recommended. A clicking sound at the mini-fridge and red lights on the power extension cable at her telly indicated that the electricity was back. She was scared. “God… what is happening to me?” screamed the voices in her head.

Six weeks ago she met this guy in the elevator at work. She knew and talked to her friends about the dangers lurking in rebound relationships. She was raised by her two parents as a good girl, in fact, she was a good girl. Coming from a broken relationship, she just found herself talking to elevator guy, on day one they exchanged numbers. Before she knew it they had a coffee date, a second, a third, and not too long after, they had a dinner date, he dropped her home and now, six weeks later, she has lost her virginity to elevator guy and wondering what got her here. Actually, it was almost the norm every three or so days for the last three weeks.

The Blackberry messenger beeped; “got my txt?” it was Tim, elevator guy. She ignored it and went to bed… let tomorrow take care of itself.

Note to self: plan for every day, live one day at a time


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