#teamcrawlers is a bunch of noisemakers who do alot of exercise. into fitness and the likes, we decided to go for the #NairobiMarathon2011. all year we have been posting stats and now the rubber met the road. Stanchart #NairobiMarathon 2011 was now here. the pressure is on, those outside the country needed to make travel plans and the ones in the country were to linkup for some get to know one another. None of this happened.

Turns out we had more cheerleaders than we had planned. @MackelTisa, one of the 7 and myself decided to run together. so here goes, the day arrived.

I was to link up with @King_Shem and two other neighbours to go for the 10km run. We confirmed the ride for 0545am. @sunnynjeri left us hanging, she decided to spend saturday night closer to the starting line.

0515hrs  – I get a call from Kanyi, the ride arrived early.

0520hrs – I changed mind from shorts to tracks…

0522hrs – I get in the ride, @King_Shem is missing

0545hrs – @King_Shem gets left behind, traffic to the starting line coz of the roads closed.

0630hrs – arrive at venue. txt @MackelTisa

until @0800hrs – head to the starting line where we see all sorts of #marathondrama

@King_Shem met up with me and @MackelTisa

@trizza227 txtd us good luck

@Aheshy and @kiWIDEkimani send #marathonshoutout

Kids no much older than 12 yrs old doing the 10km run, I cuddav sworn we were in the wrong race

#worldvision get up in my social space with Shem and Mackel… what is wrong with this team? maybe its coz one of their bosses is with them.

all kinds of ppl show up looking very ready to run, tight shirts, clean shoes, tight shorts – the full intimidation

Some of the runners just signed up but didnt know that jeans, open sandals, ngoma’s, bangles, earrings, shades etc, are not good for running gear.

Outstanding – some guys carrying a BOAT, yes, a boat… the large ones for white water rafting a team of 4.

0810hrs – the gun went off and we start running/walking making our way through the crowd of people. to get to space to run…

it was quite the run with @MackelTisa and @King_Shem at the 12 minute marker, Mackel sprinted on ahead and we didnt linkup again till the end of the race.

Stand Out: this 3 foot tall little girl was int he race running/walking  all the way, she amazed @King_Shem and me. her persistence stood out  to us, too bad the camera man wasnt feeling our vibe when we told him to take the shoot. It should have been @AmungaTheGreat instead.

0915hrs – Finish line with drunk pick pockets, excited runners, and the self gratification of completing the race…

maybe next time I will hit the 45minute mark…. and maybe i wont be more like ththis guy in 2008

Till next Post


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