Fuel prices have gone up again. The traffic police “fabricated” traffic in the city so that we panic buy fuel, it started raining so public transport went up and hawkers stand at all bus stops selling us disposable umbrellas, and finally there is a “fabricated” fuel shortage in the country.

What a past two weeks this has been! After my saga in the last post, I had to start getting up earlier so that I get to work on time and then I leave late so that I don’t sit in traffic on my way home. I tweeted once “the sad thing with getting to work early or leaving late is that nobody is there to congratulate you”. Back to the story… so now that I was getting up earlier, I would expect that no other city dweller has thought about this, hence I get to work early… shock on me… we were all in traffic and got to the office from 0815hrs to 0930 hrs except the boss who drove in at 1000hrs in his “fuel guzzler” as the media would call it, and yet he lives 10min walk away and drives to the gym every morning to do a 21km run, #ijustdontgetit.

Well, as a gift, that Friday, we had zero traffic, 20 min PAP… that is so unheard of… I turned to the Big Man upstairs, I call him God, and I told him that transport increase was not part of my budget.

This discussion I had with God got me thinking. Why do we always have a mentality of getting a cut… a ka-small deal here and there, there must be a cut for myself, a shortcut to survival. I remembered a day I was in the CBD with ma pal, and as we got out of the parking zone, we had paid the CityCouncil their stipend earlier, the watchie (watchman) “helped” us get out (as if we couldn’t get out ourselves) then as ma pal turns the wheel to drive off, the watchie comes to the window and asks, “sasa boss, kuna chai?”… ROTFL!!! #idied

Why did this watchie have to come up and ask for “chai” (tip)… he is paid to do that for goodness sake!! It’s not like he has done any ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) is it? Well then you will say to me, he doesn’t earn much… and I will say two things:

  1. When you work late (ABCD) does your boss come to you and say, “hey, that’s a good job you’ve done, here’s 1k (your tip)” no! in fact nowadays it is in the employment contract that “you shall work from time A to time B and any extra hours shall not be c financially” or something legally to that line. So fanya kazi kama mimi! You go ABCD on me Mr Watchie, I can consider…
  2. When you negotiate your pay package you have various things that you think about: ie rent, airtime, personal shopping, transport, investment, entertainment, food laundry, salon/barber etc… and once you sign thazit, my thot is that Mr Watchie shuddav considered all this before he said “lakini boss, si unajua maisha ni ngumu?” . Yes I would say, life can be hard. There is a story in the bible that very well depicts this.

We drove off after a small tête-à-tête, and ma pal tells me how… at his place of work, where he has been struggling, he has had a tough time towing the line especially with the long hours he puts in and the ABCD moments mostly because he loves his job. At the end of the past month he was called to the HR office and was given a “Brown enevelope” that had a considerable raise in his pay… this gave him syke to continue doing his job, and doing it well…

#LESSONLEARNT: let your work allow you to be tipped when the time is right. Pray that your right time comes more often than not.

NB: no pun intended to Mr.Watchie or his job or profession it was the experience that brought out the lesson. We wtruck off a good palship he has not forgotten us since then, the two other times we have been back, we got free service and an update on life (read the weather)


2 thoughts on “of envelopes and parking

  1. When I “grow up” I want to write like you.
    Nice acronym too ABCD (Above and Beyond Call of Duty).

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