The layoff wasn’t really a surprise, but it was still a shock to Kendi.

She had survived two other rounds of  retrenchment, but she knew her department was next. Still, that didn’t make it any easier.

After the few days of discouragement and disillusionment she began to see the upside. She was now free to pursue something else, something more suited to her natural bent. She had been with her old company for many years, and had advanced from one job to the next. But as she looked back on it all, she saw that she was just following the company’s paths, with little regard for her own personal development. It was about the money, not the joy. This time things would be different.

A friend helped her do a personality and talent mapping test. As she read through her report, a warm, confident feeling swept over her. There were no great surprises, just confirmation of what she had often thought about herself, but it was nice to have it all written down in one place. It was affirming to have a third party reflect back an accurate image of what she did best, and it gave her the confidence to find a company that needed that. And that’s what she did.

She took a lower salary to get the job she wanted, the job that was a great match for the results of her profile. It turned out to be a wise move, because she was now working in her areas of strength, she loved her job, and was highly productive. Her stellar performance won her new assignments and promotions, and before long she was earning far more than at her former company.

Are you in transition? Are you ready to create your own transition?


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