Sitting back in the recliner next to the telly, reading a book, soft music playing in the background, and my lovely wife on the other side of the living room buried in books as she races with time to have her assignment ready I actualise bliss. I don’t know if there’s anything else I would ask for. Life has a way of taking away the joys of the good times and leaving the bad memories intact.

Despite life’s affability, many times we don’t stop to query this uncanny ability to “erase” from our memory, the finer things in life, the things that matter, that make life have its bright colours and therein replace overshadow these good memories with bad memories such that when we reflect on the past, the first thing that comes to mind is the hurtful.

I look back on 2010 and I am scared. In recollection, I find so much has happened it feels like it was three years. Life has taught me much about itself. Love, relationships, money, faith, trust, and the greatest lesson: passion. Passion allows me to look, determine and desire, the beneficial. The one thing that can easily be magnified to dwarf the bad memories is passion.

With ardent persistence, passion resonates with the idiom “do what you love, love what you do”. Taking this phrase to heart allows me to engulf my persona in activities that appeal to the very core of my being. This creates opportunity for inflated good memories as I do what I love, and because I love what I do, these memories are shielded with a thick hide of love. Life is now forced to compliment these memories.

Back to “The Now”; my wife, the couch, tranquility, this environment is what I love, I will fight for it. I will keep it alive. Here’s to you 2010, you taught me this….



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