here i am again sitting in a ma3 (for international readers ma3 is matatu – a common 13seater passenger vehicle more or less like a bus service) goin to tao and there are these two dudes sitting on opposite sides of the ma3. one infront next to the driver and the other almost at the back. obviusly good friends, it is still difficult to tell if they are neighbours but they are going on and on in their mother tongue and swahili…for matters of security i will keep their ethnic group private.

so urs truly unclexam is only but amazed at the two gents that arrved together, could have sat together but opted to sit far from each other but continue with their story about (you thought i would tell you? pliz!!) all the way accross the ma3, and then a phone rings….

the ringer was this vexing “bleep bleep bleep” kinda like morse code in slowmotion and it wasnt stopping. i then wore the typical Kenyan disturbed face… almost mad at everyone in the ma3 for not feeling my discomfort. after about three sessions of ringing, the pretty gal sitting next to me, probably a marketer (M) begins to rumage through her handbag. she picks her phone, for matters of my security i will not describe the phone. she presses the green button and commences conversation with the caller on the other end. M then proceeds to make a call to a different recepient (R), with her communication device.

the best part of the conversation was “….hallo hallo…unaniskia?….fit sana…weh! sina credit…ebu skia…”and she proceded to complete the conversation a minute later.

why if the other party doesnt have stories for us we just want to be the one telling the stoties eh? whose turn is it to speak? this is a queer phenomenon in the modern Kenya. it isnt what it used to be back in the day when granny was incharge of the conversations that ran. a few trhings to consider when in Kenya….

if you are paying… its not your airtime sepecially when on phone. let the other Kenyan tell you how they are doing.

if you are in a ma3… make the most of it and tell all the sotries you have. multitaskin when not in the ma3 is difficult.

dont worry about other people in the ma3 listening into your conversation because they are. we all as Kenyans are looking for a story to tell. the next one may be you!

yours truly.

uncle X

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