Seated in a Citi Hopper one day i overheard (not eavesdropping) a conversation. [i get amused when someone is tellin their seatmate a story but loud enough for everone to hear, you pat attention to them and there is this tedancy to get evil stares and silent curses, sometimes verbal… like you were never even meant to get in the vehicle in the first place. ] the conversation at hand was another one of those one-sided templates… it was between a student (S) and a lecturer (L). i was clear from the point that i sat doen that the lecturer had no interest whatsoever in this young blighter, but was polite enought to pay attention to her. i almost lost my undercover listening when i heard…

S: the other day he sms-ed me L: (monotone) oh really?
S: yeah imagine he did
L: (same monotone) mmh
S: infact he has smsed me b4
L: (same monotone) wow, you must be having many

LMAO!! who says “wow u must be having many” in a conversation that has no taste whatsoever? i had to “look for something in my bag”

i excogitated for abit. why do we as kenyans (k) tend to insist with finishing the story even when it is not interesting? the S could have realised that she was indeed quite boring from the reactions the L gave. alternatively there is the option of we as k being really polite and allowing someone else to be boring for a while. but why do we let this happen? is it because we know in our knower deep down inside that our time will come to be theboring ones? then who really pays attention to the other person (unless it is a biashara deal)

i thought i had gone too far with these thoughts when i realised i had reached my destination, i bought a rose for my date and the necessary accompaniments and proceeded to have coffee (ofcourse not alone) in a nearby coffee shop. i saw an aquaintance through the window and as i walked in, he looks up at me and totally forgetst he young lady sitting opposite him and begins conversation with me (not that i wanted to) and i heard myself go into monotone. i sat down musing to myself as i realised that he wasnt really paying attention to her.

i opened a book and started reading (or just creating an impression for my company to arrive). there was a couple sitting next to me and the gent (G) is dressed in a pair of overly sized jeans tshirt, vest, bandana and cap (in the order given) he is clearly a young hustler. you could tell from his shoes that he worked hard to get the young lady (L) to the tarehe (date) that she was on. L was smart, open official shoes, short black skirt, white blouse and a simple sweater, well maintained mani- and pedi-cured nails. the chap had made a good catch!

G was having a small glass of juice (probably mango) and L was having a slice of blackforest and a milkshake ( now we know who was paying), dont ladies feel guilty doing this to guys? he suffers all week saving for this and hardly does he get a slice of cake to taste.

G is going on about a music deal that he is hustling to record with his boyz because he feels its his call, there was a chance that the fellow was going to even get a DVD recording in his deal. i mean he was the superstar… i wished i didnt sit there, in the mirror i could see she was looking at the rose i bought and tried reading the book title up-side down, i lost track of my book when she opened a new converation…

L: sweetie (in that concerned monotone – the one that says “we need to talk” or i’ve been thinking”, other times there is alot more to read into it like, “i’ve heard your stories and have put up with you for a while now” basically G was about to be deflated like never before, his poor ego…sorry man)
G: yeah
L: i was thinking
(here comes)
G: mhmm
L: why dont you try get a Job?
G: what?

the poor dude, she wasn’t listening to a word he was saying? how could he break all the news of a possible record deal and she isnt paying him an ounce of attention? i learnt a very grande lesson that day. one that i must share. in the struggle for gender equality ladies have picked up a masculine habit…what is it you ask? is it hard work? feeling good based on results of a successful project? the ability to run a home and an office? noe of these is what i noticed. what i learnt was an eye opener, a whole new school of thought that led me to have the best one-rosed tarehe ever because i managed to overcome it.

“even ladies go into conversational autopilot!”

maybe that is why she is still waiting…


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