Sitting and listening to people that I am intouch with, I am in some way amazed at the various conversations that people have. I have come to the conclusion that many of us as Kenyans have Template Conversations. We start talking to someone and depending on the person, mood or situation, we insert a phrase that will deterimine the direction of the conversation.

Begining the conversation:
“Aaaah nani” – what is “ah” for?
“Sema you guy” or “Ah chali” – when you cant remember their name

After catching up and talking about the weather:
“so….otherwise?” – otherwise what?
“sisi tuko tu” – mko wapi?

The Funniest goodbyes:
“Aya, nice time!”
“So, mi naenda” (Duh)

Other unnecessary lines
“naona uko hapa?”
“is it raining?” – Urbanised parents ask the uncle/auntie from shags yet they are covered in dust and have that hanging wind of heat and sweat.

With use of such lines and many more, we end up saying alot of words that get wasted because they have not mich meaning and are filtered out of any conversation.

Isnt it easy to point out a kenyan from their speech pattern?

Till Next Time


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